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Pratik Panchal From M.Sc Cyber Security got 2nd Placed in Null-con (Google CTF Winner)

About HackerOne Status :

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HackerOne Public Profile
HackerOne World Wide Ranked : 239
HackerOne Indian Ranked : 40
Total Valid Reports On HackerOne Including Triaged, Duplicates : 400

  • He has 200+ Hall of fame which includes a company like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook, Intel, Firebase, Snapchat, Starbucks, Vimeo, Grammarly, WordPress, Imgur, Slack,, Zendesk, Uber, Udemy etc.
  • Google CTF Winner got 2nd Placed in Null-con.

Pratik Dabhi From Digital Forensics and Information Security got listed in Microsoft Hall of Fame

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Vulnerable Domain

Vulnerability:- Client-Side Template Injection with AngularJS

Dipak Prajapati student of M Sc Cyber Security, Semester – I has reported the buffer overflow vulnerability of Imgix web image CDN provider and acknowledged with CVE-2019-13655 by Mitre.

CVE-Details : Click here

Technical details.
Imgix is a web image CDN provider which processes and optimizes images also.
Vulnerability: buffer overflow
Impact: DOS
Type: Pixel flood

GFSU student “David Mugisha” awarded Excellence Award 2018 by Asia Africa ICT & Development Summit, EXPO AND Award on 01st Dec, 2018