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Seminar on “Awareness on Legal Provision for Women Protection and Women Empowerment” } | 24th August, 2017

“You can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women”-Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

The university organized seminar on “Awareness on Legal Provisions for Women Protection and Women Empowerment”, which was sponsored by Gujarat State Commission for Women on 24th August 2017 at 11:00 a.m.

Women- The life-giver, the personification of love itself, she being essaying numerous roles every day. They are not only nurturers but also warriors when time comes. But in the current scenario, things have changed. Women are taken for granted, their freedom and their rights deemed less important than others. We thus require an awareness, a revolution to change this scenario. The better way to bring the change is by empowering women themselves, educating them on their rights and legal provisions available for their protection.

With this objectives in mind, Gujarat Forensic Sciences University organised a seminar on, “Awareness on Legal Provision for Women Protection and Women Empowerment”, sponsored by Gujarat State Commission for Women. The seminar was presided by Smt. Lilaben Ankolia, Chairperson, Gujarat State Commission for Women, as the Chief Guest, Shri. M.S. Dagur (IAS) Additional Chief Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, as the Guest of Honour, and Hon’ble, Director General, Dr. J.M. Vyas – Gujarat Forensic Sciences University. The seminar was enriched by the support and presence of intellectuals from Gujarat State Commission for Women, Advocates, Staff members of GFSU along with a gathering of 500 students.

Hon’ble, Director General, Dr. J.M. Vyas gave a warm welcome to the distinguished guests and addressed the students in his welcome address. GFSU has had more number of female students, a matter of pride. He thus felt that it was necessary that each and every woman is made aware about the legal provisions available for them. He emphasized that the society, which is patriachal in nature requires a much needed change. In India “Nari Shakti hai, Nari Prakruti hai”. He beautifully illustrated that if anyone does wrong to you, irrespective of that person’s position one should have the courage and implement the law in order to obtain justice. Guest of Honour , Shri M.S. Dagur gave a dynamic inaugural address. He emphasized about the importance of having a dream, and acknowledging the strength each one possesses within them, to create a better society. His inspiring words and his charisma shone forth from his words and met with a great applause. The jewel in the crown was the address given by Smt. Lilaben Ankolia, Chief Guest. She vividly explained the current scenario and how the Gujarat State Commission for Women aids women, their way of work, their contribution towards women upliftment and the challenges faced and overcome by them via numerous real-life situations and illustrations. Her speech was eye opening and heart wrenching to one and all. Her experience and her efforts were highly commended and praised.

The Seminar also had expert lectures given by prominent and skilled civil servants. Dr. Jyotsana Yagnik , Former Principal Judge, City Civil and Sessions Court methodically construed “Legal Provision for Women at Workplace” and gracefully and factually answered all the students queries. Shri Anil Kumar Pratham, I.G.P (Women Cell), Police Bhavan, enlightened the students regarding the “Investigation of Crime against Women” its procedure and methods. Advocate Meghana Chitaliya, Gujarat High Court, highlighted the “Legal Aspects of Social Issues related to women” via real life examples and her immense knowledge. At the end of the day, not only where students legally empowered but where filled with faith and hope to reach out to more people and work hand in hand with the law to make India the best version of itself.