Education through Investigation
Formerly known as Gujarat Forensic Sciences University


Full Time Faculty

Dr. Prasenjit Maity

MSc, Ph. D.

Associate Professor & Director (I/C)

Email ID:
Experience: Teaching: 11 years
Specialization: Chemistry, Nanotechnology
Publications: Papers: 26
Research Thrust Area: Forensic Nanotechnology, Forensic Chemistry

Dr. Deepak Rawtani

ME, Ph. D.

Associate Professor

Email ID:
Experience: 17 Years in Academic & Research (6.5 years of Industrial Experience)
Specialization: Nanobiotechnology, Environmental Science
Publications: Research Papers: 45, Book: 2, Book Chapter: 3
Research Thrust Area: Nanotechnology special emphasis to functionalized nanomaterials, Functionalized nanomaterials delivery of drug, biomolecules and environmental application.

Dr. Harshad Patel

MSc, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor

Email ID:
Experience: 10 Years 6 Months in Academic & Research
Specialization: Materials Science, Nanotechnology
Publications: Papers: 7 Book Chapter: 1
Research Thrust Area: Synthesis, Development and Characterization of carbon nanotubes/nanofibers, Metal & Metal Oxide nanomaterials/Nanocomposites, Nanosensors and Nanocatalyst for environmental remediation.

Mr. Jasmin Kubavat

M Pharm, Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Assistant Professor

Email ID:
Experience: 12 Years in Academic & Research
Specialization: Forensic Pharmacy and Food Forensics
Publications: Papers: 06
Research Thrust Area: Preclinical study of various drugs and toxic agents includes synthetic, herbal and nanoformulations and forensic toxicological analysis of different biological samples and food products as well.

Dr. Prajesh Prajapati

M Pharm, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor

Email ID:
Experience: 10 Years 8 Months in Academic & Research
Specialization: Quality Assurance, Pharmaceutical Analysis
Publications: Papers: 16
Research Thrust Area: Impurity Profile of drugs, Bio-Analytical method development, Sensor development, Stability studies, Analysis of herbal drugs, Drug metabolism studies, etc.

Dr. Jayrajsinh Sarvaiya

M Pharm, PhD

Assistant Professor

Email ID:
Experience: 12 Years in Academic & Research
Specialization: Forensic Pharmacy & Food Forensics
Publications: Papers: 11
Research Thrust Area: Drug & Food Product Composition Development, Reverse engineering for Food and Pharma products, Root cause analysis of product failure and product contamination for Food & Pharma products

Dr. Merool Vakil


Assistant Professor

Email ID:
Experience: 19 Years in Academic & Research
Specialization: Structural Engineering
Publications: Papers: 20, Book:1
Research Thrust Area: Advanced structural analysis, Finite element analysis, Structural evaluation, and Non-destructive testing.

Dr. Hemen Dave

M.Sc., Ph. D.

Assistant Professor

Email ID:
Experience: Teaching Experience: 5 Years, Industry: 4 Years
Specialization: Environmental Science
Publications: Publications: 11
Research Thrust Area: Environmental Application of Nonthermal plasma, Natural dyeing, Natural Products, Environmental Impact Assessment, Eco-friendly processing of Textiles, Advanced Oxidation for Water/Wastewater Treatment, Eco-friendly Adsorbents for Dye Removal

Dr. Mahesh Vasava

M.Sc., Ph. D., GSET

Assistant Professor

Email ID:
Experience: Teaching: 6 Months, Industry: 1.3 Year
Specialization: Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Chemistry
Publications: 14 Publication
Research Thrust Area: Synthesis of biologically active heterocyclic Compounds, In-silico analysis of organic molecules, Phytochemical analysis of medicinally important plants

Visiting Faculty

Sr. No. Name Designation Organisation Qualification Specialization / Functional Area
1. Mr. S. K. Vyas Ex-Vice President Torrent Research Centre, Ahmedabad M.Pharm Pharmaceutics
2. Dr. Ramkishan Asst. Drug Controller West Zone (Central Govt. of India) M.Pharm Ph.D. Pharmacology
3. Dr. N. Shahoo Advisor GUJCOST M..Sc., Ph.D. Nanotechnology
4. Prof. Himmat Solanki Professional Structural Engineer Sarasota County Government, Sarasota, Florida, USA M.E. Civil Engineering
5. Prof. R. J. Shah Professional Consulting Engineer


Visiting Faculty

Ami Engineers, Ahmedabad


CEPT University, Ahmedabad

M.E. Civil Engineering
6. Mr. Mehul Shah Structural Design Consultant Ami Engineering, Ahmedabad M.E. Civil Engineering (CASAD)
7. Mr. Bhairav Patel Structural Design Consultant StrcArt Design Consultants, Ahmedabad M.E. Civil Engineering (Structures)
8. Mr. G. Krishnamurthy Former Manager Engineering Dalal Consultants and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. B.E. Civil Engineering

Guest Lectures

Sr. No. Name Designation Organization Topic
1. Dr. Lalit Vaya General Manager (Retd.) Torrent Pharmaceutical Ltd – Ahmedabad Psychiatry
2. Dr. Annu Krishnan Scientist Advinus Therapeutics Ltd. – Bangalore Advanced Mass Spectroscopic Techniques in Analytical Chemistry
3. Dr. B. Gopalan Chief Scientific Officer Drug Discovery & Executive Director Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. – Chennai Drug Discovery
4. Prof. P. Mathur Director IIT-Indore From Unusual Iron Penta carbonyl Mediated organic Activation
5. Prof. P. Natarajan Emeritus Scientist National Centre for Ultrafast Process – Chennai Photosensitization of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles Adsorbed Onto Nanoporous host by Organic Dye Molecules
6. Prof. P. S. Kalsi Head- Dept. of Chemistry University of Punjab Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
7. Dr. K. Chenna Reddy Scientist-G Scientist-G Laser Science
8. Prof. S. K. Kulkarni Director Bombay College of Pharmacy-Mumbai Research Methodology, Discovery of Drug & Rational use of Drugs
9. Mr. Jitendra H. Patel Executive Engineer Design Circle, Road & Building Department, Government of Gujarat, Gandhinagar Civil Engineering (Structures)
10. Mr. Jatin Ambani Consulting Civil Engineer Advice Consultant, Mumbai 1. Structural Audit and Non-Destructive Testing
2. Structural Repair and Rehabilitation in Seismic Region
11. Mr. Anand Mehta Assistant Engineer Design Circle, Road & Building Department, Government of Gujarat, Gandhinagar Structural Design using STAAD Pro.
12. Mr. Kaushal Thakkar Consulting Engineer Shakshham Consultant, Ahmedabad Structural Analysis using STAAD Pro.
13. Mr. Rajen Lavingia Technical Lead Technical Lead Civil/Structural Envista Forensics – UK Forensic Structural Investigations
14. Dr. Sudhir Barai Professor Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Kharagpur Computational Intelligence in Structural Health Monitoring