Full Time Faculty

Dr. S. O. Junare

M.Com., M.Phil. LLB (Special), MBA, FDPM (IIMA), PhD

Professor and Dean, Faculty of Management

Email ID: prof.junare@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching and Research – 27 years
Specialization: Finance, Accounting and Law
Publications: More than 60 Papers, 01 Book
Research Thrust Area: Accounting, Finance, Forensic Accounting, Banking and Business Laws

Dr. G. Rajesh Babu

M.Sc., Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Email ID: rajesh.babu@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching & Research – 23 years
Specialization: Anthropology and Ballistics
Publications: Total number of publications -31, Books- 7 chapters DST project on "Damage detection (non destructive) and quantification in hard armour plates" has been sanctioned with a grant of INR 1.32 crore.
Research Thrust Area: Forensic and medical anthropology, Molecular and Microscopic Fingerprints, Non-invasive Biometrics, External and Terminal Forensic ballistics and Forensic materials science / Mineralogy.

Dr. Astha Pandey


Associate Professor

Email ID: astha.pandey@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching and Research-18 years
Specialization: Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology, Fingerprints and Crime Scene Management
Publications: 28 Papers, “Characterization and Standardization of Neem Oil” A joint project of GFSU & GNFC (INR 9 Lakhs), funded by Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals, Govt. of Gujarat.
Research Thrust Area: Analytical Chemistry and Toxicology of Narcotic Drugs, Explosives, Petroleum Products, Food Products, Fire, Fingerprints and Bite-Marks Examination.

Dr. Kalgi Shah

MBA, PGDM, UGC-NET 2012, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Email ID: kalgi.shah@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching: 5 Years
Specialization: Marketing Management and Human Resource Management
Publications: 18 Papers
Research Thrust Area: Service Quality and Management, Human Side of Organisation, Consumer Behaviour

Air Commodore K.R. Thaakar

M.Phil., M.Sc. (Defence & Strategic Studies), B.Sc. (Physics)

Senior Faculty Member

Email ID: aircmde.krthaakar@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching – 2 years 3 months, Indian Air Force – 35 years
Specialization: Homeland Security, Defence Studies, Strategic Affairs, Air Power, U.N. Peace Keeping, Crime Investigation, Vigilance, Airport Management & HRM.
Publications: Two theses and more than 20 Service Papers in IAF.
Research Thrust Area: Homeland Security, International Affairs, Political Science, Policing and Crime Investigation.

Dr. Haresh B. Barot

Ph. D, M. Phil., MBA, M. Com, UGC – NET (Comm.), UGC – NET (Mgt.), GSET (Comm.), P.G.D.C.A., DIM.

Assistant Professor

Email ID: haresh.barot@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching and Research – 18 Years
Specialization: Finance and Accounting
Publications: More than 30 Papers, 09 Cases, 04 Books
Research Thrust Area: Finance, Accounting, Forensic Accounting & Mutual Funds.

Dr. Dhwani Patel

B.D.S., L.L.B., M.Sc. (Forensic Odontology)

Assistant Professor

Email ID: dhwani.patel@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching 1.5 years
Specialization: Forensic Odontology and Medicolegal Issues
Publications: -
Research Thrust Area: Bite Mark, Human Identification through Dental Structures, Tooth DNA Analysis

Ms. Vandana Nageshwararao Poturaju

M.B.A (Finance), M.Com, Ph.D (Pursuing)

Assistant Professor

Email ID: vandana.poturaju@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching 5.5 years Industry: 01 year
Specialization: Finance and Accounting
Publications: 05 Papers
Research Thrust Area: Stock Market & Derivative Market, Forensic Accounting, Public Health Issues and National Security

Mr. Keval Pandya

B.E. (Computer Engineering), M.Sc. Homeland Security

Assistant Professor

Email ID: keval.pandya@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching – 1.5 Year
Specialization: Cyber Security, Incident Response, Defense Studies
Publications: -
Research Thrust Area: Cyber Security, Political Science, International Affairs