Full Time Faculty

Dr. S. O. Junare

M.Com., M.Phil. LLB (Special), MBA, FDPM (IIMA), PhD

Professor and Dean, Faculty of Management

Email ID: prof.junare@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching and Research – 27 years
Specialization: Finance, Accounting and Law
Publications: More than 60 Papers, 01 Book
Research Thrust Area: Accounting, Finance, Forensic Accounting, Banking and Business Laws

Dr. G. Rajesh Babu

M.Sc., Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Email ID: rajesh.babu@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching & Research – 23 years
Specialization: Anthropology and Ballistics
Publications: Total number of publications -31, Books- 7 chapters DST project on "Damage detection (non destructive) and quantification in hard armour plates" has been sanctioned with a grant of INR 1.32 crore.
Research Thrust Area: Forensic and medical anthropology, Molecular and Microscopic Fingerprints, Non-invasive Biometrics, External and Terminal Forensic ballistics and Forensic materials science / Mineralogy.

Dr. Astha Pandey


Associate Professor

Email ID: astha.pandey@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching and Research-18 years
Specialization: Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology, Fingerprints and Crime Scene Management
Publications: 28 Papers, “Characterization and Standardization of Neem Oil” A joint project of GFSU & GNFC (INR 9 Lakhs), funded by Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals, Govt. of Gujarat.
Research Thrust Area: Analytical Chemistry and Toxicology of Narcotic Drugs, Explosives, Petroleum Products, Food Products, Fire, Fingerprints and Bite-Marks Examination.

Dr. Haresh B. Barot

Ph. D, M. Phil., MBA, M. Com, UGC – NET (Comm.), UGC – NET (Mgt.), GSET (Comm.), P.G.D.C.A., DIM.

Associate Professor

Email ID: haresh.barot@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching and Research – 18 Years
Specialization: Finance and Accounting
Publications: More than 30 Papers, 09 Cases, 04 Books
Research Thrust Area: Finance, Accounting, Forensic Accounting & Mutual Funds.

Dr. Kalgi Shah

MBA, PGDM, UGC-NET 2012, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Email ID: kalgi.shah@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching: 5 Years
Specialization: Marketing Management and Human Resource Management
Publications: 18 Papers
Research Thrust Area: Service Quality and Management, Human Side of Organisation, Consumer Behaviour

Air Commodore K.R. Thaakar

M.Phil., M.Sc. (Defence & Strategic Studies), B.Sc. (Physics)

Senior Faculty Member

Email ID: aircmde.krthaakar@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching – 2 years 3 months, Indian Air Force – 35 years
Specialization: Homeland Security, Defence Studies, Strategic Affairs, Air Power, U.N. Peace Keeping, Crime Investigation, Vigilance, Airport Management & HRM.
Publications: Two theses and more than 20 Service Papers in IAF.
Research Thrust Area: Homeland Security, International Affairs, Political Science, Policing and Crime Investigation.

Dr. Dhwani Patel

B.D.S., L.L.B., M.Sc. (Forensic Odontology) Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Assistant Professor

Email ID: dhwani.patel@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching and research: 4 years
Specialization: Forensic Odontology and Medicolegal Issues
Publications: 07 publications
Research Thrust Area: Bite Mark Analysis, Human Identification through Dental Structures, Tooth DNA Analysis, Forensic radiology and imaging, Age estimation and Sex determination, Medical Malpractice and Negligence, Forensic Oral Pathology and Microbiology.

Ms. Vandana Nageshwararao Poturaju

M.B.A (Finance), M.Com, Ph.D (Pursuing)

Assistant Professor

Email ID: vandana.poturaju@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching 5.5 years Industry: 01 year
Specialization: Finance and Accounting
Publications: 05 Papers
Research Thrust Area: Stock Market & Derivative Market, Forensic Accounting, Public Health Issues and National Security

Mr. Keval Pandya

B.E. (Computer Engineering), M.Sc. Homeland Security

Assistant Professor

Email ID: keval.pandya@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching – 1.5 Year
Specialization: Cyber Security, Incident Response, Defense Studies
Publications: -
Research Thrust Area: Cyber Security, Political Science, International Affairs
Dr. Ashwini Pandit

Dr. Ashwini Pandit

B.D.S., MHA (Master in Hospital Administration)

Assistant Professor

Email ID: ashwini.pandit@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching – 1 Year and Industry – 1 Year
Specialization: Hospital Quality, Medico-Legal Case Management
Publications: 01
Research Thrust Area: -

Ms. Aanika Neel

B. Sc. Nursing, Master of Hospital Administration

Assistant Professor

Email ID: aanika.neel@gfsu.edu.in
Experience: Teaching – 1 Year | Industry – 1.5 Years
Specialization: Critical Care, Hospital Operations, Quality Assurance, Infection Control
Publications: -
Research Thrust Area: Public Health, Support Services in Hospitals, Health Economics