Education through Investigation
Formerly known as Gujarat Forensic Sciences University

About Institute

Institute of Forensic Science under the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University has been established with a sole aim of creating much required expertise in the field of criminal investigation with the application of advanced scientific techniques. The primary and the most important mission of this institution are to inculcate the students about application of various scientific expertise and advanced technologies for the purpose of justice delivery among the needy. Starting with the much conservative disciplines of Forensic Sciences, this institution has come a long way by introducing more contemporary disciplines in the field of science and technology by evolving forensic applications. More impetus is being given to the development of various specializations through which the main goal of creations of experts could be achieved. This in turn would lead to the efficient services from the young experts in various sectors in the government and private organizations. Not shrugging off from the traditionally embarked subjects such as Fingerprints, Questioned documents, Ballistics, Analytical chemistry, Toxicology, Explosives, Serology and DNA analysis; Forensic sciences have evolved into a new arena. Venturing into the modern technology in the associated streams betokens such an innovative step of this institute. In every specialty of forensic sciences, there has been synergetic inclusion of the novel techniques for the easier, smoother, fool proof methods of investigation for the more prudent results.

One of the most fascinating entities in the contemporary forensic sciences is that of cyber forensics which finds excellent prospects in almost every field irrespective of the area of interest (portfolio)/ departments. With the ever growing trend of crimes with the digital systems, there is a need for protecting oneself from getting victimized unknowingly. So the expertise is being developed through the academic programs.From the traditional methods of imparting solutions for the criminal investigation, there has been giant leap made forward in the form of introducing digital forensics as a solution for the complexities associated with cyber related crimes or the crimes involving Information and Communication technology arena. One of the most sought after technology in the modern era is that of the information technology and solutions for the cyber-crimes. It is very obvious that the information and communication are the nerve centers for any criminal act. In the era of communication and information system’s excellence, the abuses are also getting more common and are being executed by the perpetrators of crimes as they are being easily handled by the tech savvy criminals. Global scenario reveals the dearth of the experts in this specialty.

The technological knowhow is being offered in the academic curricula for the aspiring cyber-crime investigators. This has been encapsulated in academic curricula known as Digital Forensics and Information Assurance and Cyber Security and Incident Response as Master’s degree program of technology. The combination of technology and science gets the perfect fusion in the form of the best resolution for every criminal investigation involving cyber-crimes and breaches of information security.

Forensic Science is not only the application of science to aid in the criminal justice delivery system crime, but also to unravel the fact in any mysteries. The primary concern in any case of individual identity requires a proof in the form of biometrics. This expertise is also being rendered as an academic program namely Forensic Odontology. The holistic approach to have a safer society and the country there is a need for comprehensive security. This expertise is imparted as an academic program namely Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism. So in every means the composite technology and expertise is made available to the prospective students through specialized academic programs.

There are two marvels of the institute namely Ballistic Research and Testing Range

The Institute of Forensic Science has introduced a scheme of awards for its meritorious students, namely:

  • Gujarat Forensic Sciences University Gold Medal In All PG Programme Except  M. Sc. Digital Forensics & Information Security(IFS)  Gold Medal is awarded for the most meritorious student
  • Laxmi Memorial Award – awarding Gold Medal to the most meritorious female student of M. Sc. – Forensic Science Course. (The financial aid towards this award, has been donated by Dr. M. S. Rao, Ex – Director cum Chief Forensic Scientist – Directorate of Forensic Science Services – MHA – GOI – New Delhi, in memory of his wife; Late Mrs. LaxmiRao).
  • Shri A. S. Krishnamurthy Award – Meritorious student in M. Sc. – Digital Forensics & Information Security gets this award
  • In All PG Programs except M. Sc.  Forensic Science: Gold Medal Award is given for the topper among the girl students.