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Brig. (Dr.) K. K. Tripathi, MD, Ph.D., MBA

Director – Institute of Behavioral Science

Brig Tripathi (Retd) is an alumnus of Moti Lal Nehru Medical College, Allahabad. Having completed his medical graduation, he joined Armed Forces Medical Services in the year 1984 and, since then, he has been serving in Army/ Air Force till 31 Oct 2018, when he superannuated as Brigadier (Medical) and Consultant (Aviation Medicine), of HQ 101 Area Shillong after rendering a service of nearly 34 years.

He specialized in Aviation Medicine with an MD qualification from Institute of Aerospace Medicine at Bangalore in the year 1992. His additional qualifications include PhD in Clinical Psychology under the broad scope of Behavioural Sciences from NIMHANS, an Institute of National Importance, Diploma in Statistics and MBA in Hospital & Health Systems Management from BITS, Pilani. He is also an Advanced Trauma Life Support Provider certified by AIIMS and American Trauma Society.

He has been working in Aviation Psychology/ Psycho-physiology during his military service and has investigated/ addressed issues like human performance under different kind of physical & physiological stressors, human mental workload, climatic acclimatization/ acclimation and accident investigation with the involvement of human factors. However, his main interest has been in the management of fatigue, sleep, and alertness. In 2013, he steered the research efforts to operationalize use of ‘GO’ and ‘NO GO’ pills for the fighter pilots in Indian Air Force. He was invited, as an expert in this field, to speak in the John Ernsting Panel of International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine in 2014 titled, ‘Operational Fatigue in Aerospace Personnel- A Never Ending Challenge’. This Panel is a regular feature in this Congress and he was the first from India to have been invited in the Panel.

An avid researcher, Brig Tripathi has completed 24 Research Projects. Many of these Projects were conducted under the auspices of agencies like Life Sciences Research Board and Armed Forces Medical Research Committee. Half of these Projects are in the area of Cognitive Psychology, Psychophysiology, Human Performance, and Behaviour. He has 20 publications and 60 presentations to his credit. These presentations include seven invited lectures. He has guided 25 students, of which the work of five has been acclaimed internationally.

Brig Tripathi continues to be a Professor, Guide and Examiner in Aviation Medicine as recognized by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and Medical Council of India.

In the Administration, Brig Tripathi had the opportunity to command and head the Medical Establishments of three Operational Bases in IAF. Under his leadership, these Establishments were adjudged the Best/ Second Best in IAF. He also held two important positions in Staff. One was as Dy PMO in Central Air Command. The other was as Brigadier Medical at HQ 101 Area at Shillong.
The passion which Brig Tripathi cares for is- ‘If something is worth doing, it’s (also) worth doing well’.