About the Lab

Ballistic Research Centre & Testing Range is solely dedicated to the application and development of advanced technology in the area of forensic ballistics for the constructive purposes including the research in the area of terminal ballistics and development of novel methods related to criminal investigations involving firearms. More emphasize is given on the services to the targeted sectors or agencies such as defense establishments, law enforcement agencies and other security service providers. The entire process of service includes the examination and assessment of ballistics materials such as armored materials e.g. Armored Vehicle, Body Armor, Helmet/ Patka, Tyre Testing, Composite LPG Cylinder, Bullet Resistant Panels and Stab Resistance Property of Personal Body Armor based on the internationally accepted standards and norms. In every such test after the thorough examination and analysis, the scrupulous and flawless reports are generated and issued to the customers based on their specific requirements. As far as research is concerned, there is a wider scope in the area of terminal ballistics that are being used in various arms, ammunition & materials. There are many such areas/specialties in forensic ballistics that is still unexplored. BRCTR has been making sustained efforts to achieve this also.