Education through Investigation
Formerly known as Gujarat Forensic Sciences University

About DFS

DFS, Gandhinagar is a state of the art laboratory of international repute. It is accredited by NABL, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 having following unique facilities:

  • Suspect Detection System (SDS)
  • Computer Forensics
  • Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature Profiling
  • Narco-analysis
  • Polygraph Examination
  • Audio Video Tape Authentication System
  • Voice Spectrograph, Speech Lab
  • Integrated Ballistics Identification System
  • Computerized petroleum testing facilities
  • Fully automated Alcohol Estimation System (GC-HS)
  • FT-Raman, LC-MS, GC-MS, FT-IR for Narcotic/Explosive/Poisons Analysis
  • Computerized Photographic Image Analysis System
  • Video Spectral Comparator for Document Examination
  • Accredited Cow-meat testing mobile laboratories (4-numbers)
  • Accredited Mobile Investigation Vans (6-numbers)
  • Ballistics Data Acquisition System (Computerized firing range)
  • Automated Fingerprint Identification System