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Important Notification concerning Anti-Ragging for all Parents, Students & Staff Members of GFSU


The Gujarat Forensic Sciences University follows a strict NO-RAGGING Policy. 

See below for the Public Notice concerning Anti-Ragging given out by the University Grants Commission, UGC's Regulations Concerning Anti-Ragging, Affidavits to be compulsorily given by all Parents and Students (on a Rs. 10 Stamp Paper) at the time of Admissions, as per UGC rules. The Gujarat Forensic Sciences University's Anti-Ragging Committee List may also be viewed on the Notice Board of this website.

Any queries / complaints concerning the practice of Ragging, in relation to the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University students, may be reported to the Anti-Ragging Committee's Chairman, on the contact details provided therein. 

The under mentioned rules & regulations have also been informed to all the Departments of the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, vide its letter no. GFSU/SB/047/2012, dated 17th July 2012. 

The Registrar 
GFSU, Gandhinagar 

Fee Submission Notice - 2014, by Institute of Behavioral Science

Training Program in Investigative Psychology, by IBS - GFSU






Institute of Behavioral Science offers 6 days theory and hands on training program in Investigative (Forensic) Psychological methods.  The first training program is scheduled from middle of June 2014.  The program is designed for Investigating and Forensic Officers. Participation fee is Rs. 10,000 for each participant.  This will include Course material, and lunch – tea on all the days during the training.  IBS will be happy to provide accommodation, breakfastand dinner, etc. in the university campus, which will be charged separately.

The main agenda of the training program will be:

1.  Investigative and Forensic Interviewing – Mental health factors to be considered and interview methods 

2.   Detection of Deception – Rationale and practical considerations

3.   Guilty Knowledge and  Control Question methods

4.  Measuring changes in ANS functions – Computerized and manual methods for detection of deception

5.    Testing Remembrance – Brain Electrical Oscillations Signature (BEOS) Profiling 

6.   Interviewing Suspect and designing probes for BEOS profiling for eliciting remembrance of array of individual-role specific information

7.    Analysis and Interpretations

8.    Formulation methods


The exact dates of the workshop will be announced in the first week of May, 2014. Interested persons are requested to write to Director, IBS, GFSU, Sector 18/A, Near Police Bhavan, Gandhinagar,

Gujarat -382007, or email to