About the Institute

The Institute of Behavioural Science (IBS) focuses on broad areas like: Social Sciences, Neurosciences, Neural-Decision Sciences, Psychological Sciences, Social-Communication Sciences, Cognitive Sciences, Psychobiology, Management Sciences, Operational Research, Social Psychology, Forensics, Criminal Behaviors, Normality, Abnormality, etc.

The Institute endeavors to impart education and research in clinical and forensic psychological sciences and also to provide better caliber in diagnostics; psycho-legal consultation to referral sources (clinicians, attorneys, the Courts, social services, criminal justice agencies, etc.) and treatment & rehabilitation to clients. It is staffed with highly experienced mental health professionals; rehabilitation professionals and cognitive neuroscientists, who provide a wide range of services in education and research & development, in areas of clinical and forensic psychological sciences.

RCI has recognized the IBS for conduction M.Phil-CP course from 2011-2014.

IBS has established Buddha Psychological Services Centre (BPSC), which provides Consultation services, in terms of diagnostic; therapeutic and rehabilitative services, to offenders in both civil and criminal cases on outdoor basis. IBS is also providing counseling services (Buddha Counseling Centre) at Sabarmati Central Prison of Ahmedabad, for jail inmates.

Highly experienced and eminent experts are engaged as faculty at the institute. It intends to start post doctoral / doctoral / postgraduate degree / diploma / certificate courses in important areas viz. investigative psychology, suspect detection, lie detection, psychological profiling, cyber psychology, etc. in the near future. These courses will be open to both students and in-service personnel.