Education through Investigation
Formerly known as Gujarat Forensic Sciences University

About Institute

The Institute of Research & Development is stepping in its 11th year since its inception. An important aim of the Institute is to provide quality education and fostering pioneering innovative research in fields spanning the entire range of Pharmaceutical science, Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Food Technology, Environmental science, Medical Devices and structural engineering with a focus on their application in Forensic science and technology for crime scene investigation. The Institute seeks to contribute to civilization, peace and prosperity in the nation and world, and aims at developing global human capabilities par excellence through pioneering research and education in science and technology. To achieve this mission, the Institute has an eye on educating highly moral students to acquire sound academic knowledge in selected disciplines and transform those from basics to practice with academic mastery through research.

At presently, the Institute provides MS, M. Tech and Doctoral degrees to the students covering the realm of forensic sciences in various specializations such as Pharmaceuticals, Nanotechnology, Environmental Science, Environmental management, Chemistry, Food Technology, Medical Devices and Forensic Structural Engineering, leading to the development of experts in these fields. The courses are designed with keeping in mind their relation to forensic science and their usefulness in different industry and government sectors. The institute invites a number of guest faculty members from India and abroad throughout the year for lectures on frontier research areas with mutual interest.

The institute is awarded FIST program by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi. The faculties of the Institute have received various research grants from DST, Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST) etc.

The Institute is actively collaborating with premier Institutes and industries of both national and international repute. More than 200 publications two patents of national and international repute during last 5 years’ span reveal its dedication to wards a research center of excellence. This high-quality, high-performance research environment, combined with a uniquely bottom-up approach to scientific innovation, has enabled the Institute to foster an environment in which researchers are able to thrive.

The scenario of placement is quite luminous. Our post-graduate and doctoral students are the most sought-after in industry, academia, and research and for varied professional including legal services and postdoctoral positions in abroad.